You’ve Got Problems...
And We Love Solving Them!

Let's solve some problems

Have You Ever Asked Yourself?

How do I get my people solving problems consistently and at scale?

What do my customers really want and how can I serve them better?

How can I best tap into the talents and skills of everyone in my organisation?

Why do I see so much waste in my processes and how can I streamline operations?

You're In The Right Place

Lots of leaders in the service sector ask themselves the same questions… and these are not the only challenges.

The constant need to keep business as usual running, against a backdrop of constant change. Ever shrinking budgets and having to do more with less. A team to keep motivated and provide direction to… and the never-ending list of problems that only you can solve.

We work with so many clients who have put up with the same kind of challenges for too long.

And as a consequence…their people have suffered, their customers have suffered, the leaders themselves have suffered, their business is less profitable. Millions of pounds have been lost from the bottom line which can never be clawed back.

Our vision is to help our clients create organisations that will dominate in the marketplace, because they harnessed the talents, skills and problem-solving abilities of their people

It All Starts With Problem Solving…

If our approach could be summed up in just a couple of words… those words would be “problem solving”. And if we could add a few more “powered by your people” would follow right after.

The business environment is more challenging than ever, routine work is being automated and businesses as a result are becoming more complex not less.

As this trend continues, the need for better problem solvers is more compelling than ever.

The businesses that succeed will be ones that recognise the trend and put problem solving at the top of their agenda.

Having bright, dynamic and talented people, that never get to think, to contribute or to be challenged, will just mean that they move on to a competitor who can give them what they are looking for from their work.

We believe that embracing problem solving, is the key to tapping into your human capital, as well as the biggest differentiator between the companies that can compete and win in today’s marketplace and those that are left behind.

Our Rapid Problem Solving Framework

In 5 Easy Steps

The Impact
Before you start problem solving, you must know the problem is worth solving. The impact of your problem should be established early and revisited often.
Once you know that solving the problem will make an impact, understand it deeply and then communicate it in a way that is easy to understand.
With your deep understanding of the problem and broad consensus on what you are trying to solve, you will develop solutions and evaluate their practical viability.
With a clear picture of where you are going, you will need to create a plan that closes the gap, that you can communicate and that people can follow.
During and after the delivery of your plan, you will need to verify that the impact you set out to deliver, is on track and that you can demonstrate the benefits of your work.
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Meet The People Who Make It Happen!

Problem solvers, analysts, coaches, strategists and change experts… we have a lot in common, but it’s our purpose that unites us… and that’s our passion for helping our clients to solve their toughest problems.

Phil Mottram
Managing Director
Ceri Edwards
Account Director
Dana Dakhno
Business Intelligence Designer
Alexe Vlad
Business Intelligence Developer
Igor Onyshchenko
Customer Experience Analyst
David Achim
Associate Consultant
John Demian
Associate Consultant
Ethan Wood
Associate Consultant
Sam Rowarth
Associate Consultant

Our Values

These are our values. Everything we do and every interaction, internal and
external is guided by our values. We seek clients who share them, employees
who live them and make our decisions in line with them.


Whatever your mind can conceive and believe — it can achieve

Dream Big

Win every day, strive for excellence and achieve greatness


Have a definiteness of purpose and know your why


Show discipline, persistence and a determination to succeed


Your results are determined by the value you add to the marketplace


Foster harmonious relationships and create a network of co-operation


Your results are determined by the value you add to the marketplace


Foster harmonious relationships and create a network of co-operation