Problem Solving Powered By Your People

We help service sector organisations to transform their business performance through rapid problem solving and people engagement

Let's solve some problems


Engage the entire organisation in daily problem solving and improvement, through a culture of accountability coupled with capability

Customer Expereince

Drive higher levels of customer experience, through a complete customer journey transformation, backed by robust, data driven, customer insight analysis

Process Efficiency

Propel your operation to a whole new level of efficiency, through extensive elimination of waste and a sharp focus on customer value

Let's solve some problems

Business Improvement for The Service Sector

Whether it’s a specific problem, a desire to improve or a strategic objective that’s at risk, we know you’ll be focused on getting it solved… and we’ll be right there with you.

Our approach is like nothing else in the industry. We have over a decade of experience using Lean and Six Sigma to transform service organisations and both are fundamentally solid methodologies. However, they were not created specifically for the service sector.

That’s why we created a unique approach to support you on your journey to Operational Excellence, and give you techniques that are fit for purpose in the sector.

Our team has helped clients all over the world across Europe, Asia and the US, and they have expertise in a range of industries including banking, insurance, pensions, telecoms, utilities and more.

We’re ready to show you a better way, whether you’re new to Operational Excellence, or already an expert.

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Struggling With A Tough Business Problem?

We already know we can help you to solve it… after 15 minutes talking to one of our experts… you’ll know too

Get Started With a 1-Day Rapid Problem Solving Event

We understand… you don’t know us, and we don’t know you. So before you make any commitments, you’ll want to try us out… that’s completely understandable.

Our 1-day problem solving event is based on our unique problem-solving methodology, Rapid Problem Solving Framework.

We’ve said this already, but there really is nothing else like it in the industry. That’s why you’ll never get a 1-day session that will deliver this level of value to your business anywhere else.

In just 6-hours you and your team will identify and agree the right problems to solve, get started on solving them, and discover the methodology that will allow you keep up the momentum once we are gone.

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